Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Verabum sap 2

One of my former bosses used to say "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there,"  Yes!  One of my horoscopes this morning talks about knowing what I want being the first step
toward getting it.  Kinda the same, huh?  It also suggests finding a small dream/desire/longing and identifying that, then doing something to get it.  OK...Israeli/Turkish coffee?  Don't think they sell this ready-to-brew hereabouts....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Paragraphs I love...

Sarah Schulman's Girls, Visions and Everything  has loads of fabulous paragraphs.  Here's one of my favorites:

"Where's Kwame?"
"Arthur took him to the movies.  Every month or so Arthur decides that he wants his son to have exposure to some average American culture so he'll know what people are talking about if he ever crosses Fourteenth Street.  That's the theory anyway.  So he takes him off to the movies.  Halfway through, of course,  all the sexism and racism and gratuitous violence get to be too much.  Arthur gets disgusted and they have to walk out.  Poor Kwame's almost six and he doesn't know movies are ever over.  He thinks they're like the sky, cinematically endless."

Saturday, August 6, 2016

When Vacation Is Only 3 Days....

...in a lovely environment.  Nothing like a skyful of
clouds, birdsong, glorious green trees in the mountains.  Bonus:  saw my first Monarch butterfly in years.  Love how they fly.  Tiger Swallowtail, too!!  No bears or deer, though they have been seen there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blow the Polls!!!

My first (and probably only) office job in Iowa was for a survey research firm for the broadcast industry, and one of the things I can state with certainty is that you can make a poll say anything you want it to.  So never fear, Hillaryites, and don't get all bloated with pride, Trumpsters (even more than you are).  It's all smoke and mirrors. Holding us all in the light.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Where do socks hide?

Piet Hein said "Losing one glove is certainly painful but nothing compared to the pain of losing one glove, throwing out the other, and finding the first one again."  This applies to socks, too.  Socks are
very important to me, especially since I take public transportation and do a lot of walking to get here
and there.  If the socks are too skinny for the day's shoes, I get tired.  And if the socks are too thick, I just can't manage at all. This is especially true if I want to wear boots, which I find the best footwear for walking.  All that aside, I really love colorful socks.  Last year my daughter Sally sent me three pairs of wonderful colorful socks that she bought at the shop where Annie was working.  I also got
these fabulous mis-matched socks from my grandson Ian and his wife for Xmas one year.

Quite attractive!  Little kids point at them on the metro....More about socks hiding....to be continued.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

oh, the tee shirts you see!!

Saw one yesterday on an insouciant woman sauntering up Connecticut Ave:  It said
BOUJOUR, BITCHES!!  I think I love it, and I found it online, too.  For a mere $6.  I
need to find the provenance....maybe it's from the RNC in Cleveland, and if so, I don't want

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Again?

YUP, Bad Grandma has survived another week, and here's wot she's discovered.  Used to be, the hardest part of meditating for her was keeping her eyes shut for 20 minutes at a time, 2x a day.  Since she can't hear, she always wanted to keep at least one eye partly open so she could see if anyone else came in  the room (remnant of a childhood fright that has lingered waaaay too long).  So the wise woman at TM said, "Find a safe place." Easy enough--there' a lock on her bedroom door, so she goes in there, locks the door behind her,  sits for 20 minutes with her eyes shut,  saying a made-up mantra
to herself, and she has been doing this for the past week or more by way of practicing for the formal TM.  Enjoys it hugely.  It feels so restful!  After a couple of days of this, she noticed there are a number of 20-minute stretches on the metro and the bus between when she gets on, and when she reaches her stop.  So she started closing her eyes and thinking of the made-up mantra.  Piece of cake!
Now she can "meditate" before bedtime and use travel time to do it. 
Has she noticed any results from this?  Well, not really.  It's fun while she's "meditating," but once she opens her eyes after 20 minutes, she's back in her life circus, which does tend to go on and on.  The point of all this was to bring down her high blood pressure without PILLZ.  And yes, her BP is down,
and although her doctor wants it lower, it hasn't gone back up to scary levels.  AND she has started dreaming again.  Frequently--and long dreams, too. AND this morning she remembered the most effective diet she has ever been on.  She got it almost 40 years ago and lost a pile of weight.  It's not difficult--she just eats regular food--things like lettuce, spinach, celery are free--she can eat as much of those as she
wants.  She's allowed 5 servings of fat/day, but this is another piece of cake.  1 serving of fat usually means 1T of butter or oil or mayonnaise.  But it also can mean 1 strip of bacon or 5 nuts.  In her inimitable way, she figured that 5 peanuts actually meant 10 peanuts after the shell is gone, since there are two nuts per shell--sometimes 3! And she also started using all of her fat quota for peanuts.  So 5 fat things in peanuts is equal to 50 peanuts!!!  An excellent serving.

Anyway, Bad Grandma does love keeping her eyes shut for 20 minutes 2xevery day.